NRA v. Ackerman, Texas

NRA Potential Witness List (Rule 26 Disclosures)

October 15, 2020

Filing Summary

As the contentious litigation between the NRA and its former vendor Ackerman McQueen continues, the parties filed disclosures on October 15, 2020 listing individuals with “discoverable information” relevant to the case.  The case is scheduled for trial in September 2021.

The bullets below highlight some key points from the NRA potential witness list. Ackerman McQueen’s list can be found here.

Key Points

  • The list includes various NRA executives and board members (present and former), such as Andrew Arulanandam, Dan Boren, Charles Cotton, Emily Cummins, Josh Powell, Carolyn Meadows, Oliver North, Lance Olson, Wilson Philips, and Wayne LaPierre, among others.
  • Interestingly, several additional NRA executives and board members appear on this list submitted in the litigation with Ackerman, but not the witness list submitted in the NRA’s litigation with the New York Attorney General, including: Craig Spray (CFO), Duane Reno (Travel Specialist and Office Coordinator), John Frazer (General Counsel), Michael Erstling (Director of Budget and Financial Analysis), Lisa Supernaugh (Managing Director, Executive Operations), Millie Hallow (Executive Assistant), Nick Perrine (Special Assistant to the President), Rick Tedrick, Sonja Rowling (Director of Accounting and Operations and Financial Reporting) and Tyler Schropp (Executive Director of the Office of Advancement).
  • Chris Cox, the NRA’s former chief lobbyist, does not appear on the NRA’s list. This is despite the NRA alleging Cox was part of a coup to remove Wayne LaPierre.
  • Former NRA-TV personalities Grant Stichfield, Dana Loesch, and Colin Noir are listed by the NRA in this filing.
  • The NRA lists several NRA TV Sponsors, such as 5.11 Tactical, Adcor Defense, Cabela’s Outdoor Fund, Colt Manufacturing, Hornady Manufacturing, Kimber Manufacturing, and Mossberg, among others. The NRA notes that they expect these witnesses will be provide information about “NRATV viewership analytics, and [Ackerman’s] budget for NRATV.”
  • The NRA lists several of Ackerman McQueen’s other clients, claiming they will provide information about Ackerman’s “reputation” and “billing practices.”  
  • The NRA includes any number of Ackerman executives, employees, and other representatives.