Donor Class Action Lawsuit

Case Summary

David Dell’Aquila is a longtime supporter of the NRA who became frustrated with the NRA’s mismanagement and lack of transparency.   He brought a class action lawsuit in the Middle District of Tennessee against the NRA, the NRA Foundation, and Wayne LaPierre (collectively the “Defendants”), alleging that they fraudulently solicited donations that were used for purposes outside of the NRA’s core mission. Specifically, he alleges that the Defendants used donations to pay for exorbitant legal and advertising fees as well as luxurious fringe benefits for NRA executives.

On September 30, 2020, the Judge overseeing the donor class action lawsuit against the NRA, NRA Foundation, and Wayne LaPierre allowed the case to proceed against the NRA in a written decision of the Court.  The decision was a setback to the NRA, which had requested a complete dismissal of the case.  Claims against the NRA Foundation and Wayne LaPierre were dismissed.

The filings on this page are a selection of the more significant filings in the matter.  The full docket can be accessed at the PACER website for the Middle District of Tennessee. 


September 30, 2020
Fraud claim against NRA will proceed to discovery.