NRA v. Ackerman, Texas

Ackerman McQueen Potential Witness List (Rule 26 Disclosures)

October 15, 2020

Filing Summary

As the contentious litigation between the NRA and its former vendor Ackerman McQueen continues, the parties filed disclosures on October 15, 2020 listing individuals with “discoverable information” relevant to the case.  The case is currently scheduled for trial in September 2021.

The bullets below highlight some key points from the Ackerman McQueen potential witness list. The NRA’s list can be found here.

Key Points

  • Ackerman lists 28 different current or former NRA employees, representatives, or officers as potentially having discoverable information.  The list includes Andrew Arulanandam, Pete Brownell, Richard Childress, Scott Christman, Allan Cors, Charles Cotton, Chris Cox, John Frazer, Sandy Froman, Todd Grable, Millie Hallow, Marion Hammer, Steven Hart, David Keene, Susan LaPierre, Wayne LaPierre, Willis Lee, Carolyn Meadows, John Perrin, Jim Porter, Duane Reno, Kaye Robinson, Derek Robinson, Tyler Schropp, Craig Spray, Lisa Supernaugh, Rick Tedrick, and Graham Wood.
  • Ackerman lists former NRA employee Emily Cummins, separately from the group above, and notes Ms. Cummins is believed to have information about “accounting and billing practices, whistleblower claims, issues with the Brewer’s Firm’s billings and engagement, and issues relating to threats made by the Brewer Firm.”
  • Additionally, the disclosure includes former NRA chief of staff Josh Powell, and former CFO Woody Phillips, both of whom are defendants in the NY Attorney General’s case against the NRA.
  • Former NRA Board President Oliver North and former NRA-TV personality Dana Loesch are listed as potential witnesses as well.
  • Ackerman also lists several law firms, including the Brewer Law Firm, Dorsey & Whitney, and Cooper & Kirk, among others.
  • Ackerman lists journalists Danny Hakim and Mark Maremont, claiming the two are “believed to have knowledge concerning the NRA allegations relating to leaking” and “the NRA providing false and defamatory information to the press about Defendants.”