New York Attorney General Investigation

NRA Submits Witness List in NY AG Litigation

October 19, 2020

Filing Summary

In connection with a procedural motion, the NRA filed an exhibit listing potential witnesses for the lawsuit it faces by the New York State Attorney General (who has brought a massive case against the NRA alleging wrongdoing and fraud). The list includes over 90 witnesses and demonstrates the scope and size of the factual issues at play in the litigation.

The list, entitled “persons likely to possess relevant knowledge and/or documents”, includes various NRA executives and board members (present and former), such as Dan Boren, Robert Brown, Pete Brownell, Dave Butz, Richard Childress, Charles Cotton, Chris Cox, Emily Cummins, Marion Hammer, David Keene, Timothy Knight, Willes Lee, Sean Maloney, Michael Marcellin., Carolyn Meadows, Oliver North, Ted Nugent, Lance Olson, James Porter, Esther Schneider, and Wayne Sheets, among others. 

Interestingly, while defendants Josh Powell and Woody Phillips are listed by the NRA (the former Chief of Staff and CFO, respectively), current NRA executives and co-defendants Wayne LaPierre (CEO) and John Frazer (General Counsel) are not listed by the NRA.  Mr. LaPierre’s wife, Susan LaPierre, is listed on the NRA filing.  

Former NRA-TV personalities Grant Stichfield, Dana Loesch, and Colin Noir are listed by the NRA in this filing, along with corporate entities such as Ackerman McQueen, Vista Outdoor, Under Wild Skies, Cabela’s Outdoor Fund, Crow Shooting Supply, Hornady Manufacturing, Inventive Incentive & Insurance Services, Landini Brothers, Lockton Affinity, Membership Marketing Partners, Mossberg, Nosler, Remington Firearms, Smith & Wesson, and Sturm, Ruger & Co., among others.

Key Points