NRA v. Oliver North

May 30, 2019 Email Chain from NRA Board Member Dan Boren (Exhibit 1 to Complaint)

June 19, 2019

Filing Summary

This exhibit is an email chain from Dan Boren, an NRA Board member. The chain appears to be about the NRA’s suit against Ackerman to compel Ackerman to produce its books and records under the records examination clause of the Services Agreement between the NRA and Ackerman.

Key Points

  • The first email in the chain is from John Frazer, Secretary and General Counsel to the NRA. (Pg. 2.) The subject of the email chain is “NRA lawsuit against Ackerman McQueen [CONFIDENTIAL].” (Pg. 2.)  Frazier asks the recipients to see LaPierre’s note regarding the complaint as well as a Wall Street Journal article. (Pg. 2.)
  • Boren forwards the message to Bill Lance, an employee of a major client of Ackerman, and states “I reread this again. I bet Ackerman is in trouble on this one. They can’t produce the backup to the invoices and were allocating full salary to these employees that may have been working on our accounts.” (Pg. 2.)