NRA v. Oliver North

Answer – NRA v. Oliver North

July 22, 2020

Filing Summary

This Answer includes Oliver North’s response to the NRA’s lawsuit to remove him from the NRA board (North was reelected in 2019 by NRA members with more votes than any other Board member).  While the majority of the pleading (p.5 onwards) includes point by point responses to the NRA’s Complaint, the gist of the response can be found in the Preliminary Statement, which argues that “North’s conduct qualifies him as a whistleblower under New York law” and that the NRA’s efforts to remove him from the board are “retaliation” (para. 12).

According to the filing, “around the time North became President of the NRA in September 2018, he heard disgusting allegations of financial misconduct related to the use of NRA member dues. In particular, he discovered that the NRA has been making extraordinary payments to the law firm of its outside counsel William A. Brewer.” (para. 2).  It also indicates that “North later learned of allegations that the so-called CEO of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, had corruptly received hundreds of thousands of dollars in clothing and personal air, limo, and other travel charges, as well as other benefits.” (para.3).

The Answer also references an extensive submission that North and his counsel made to the NRA Hearing Board in defense of the NRA’s efforts to oust him.  That submission, which can be read here, includes several new witness statements and primary source documents that demonstrate North’s efforts questioning NRA spending decisions.   

Key Points