NRA v. Oliver North

Complaint: NRA v. Oliver North

June 12, 2020

Filing Summary

After previously suing former board President Oliver North to prevent reimbursement of his legal fees, the NRA initiates a new legal action against North – this time in New York state court in Albany.  The NRA appears to be attempting to remove Oliver North from the NRA Board of Directors (North was reelected in 2019 by NRA members with more votes than any other Board member).   

The NRA’s complaint against North is heavily redacted, making it impossible to fully review and analyze the facts alleged by the NRA.  A few items, however, can be ascertained from the filing.  At paragraph 9, the Complaint clearly states that the NRA seeks a declaration that North’s decision not to resign from Ackerman McQueen was “an election by North to forfeit his NRA Board membership.” In paragraph 56, the NRA acknowledges that its Audit Committee previously (September 2018) approved Oliver North’s contract with Ackerman McQueen, but then “rescinded” that position in May 2019.  Recall, in the interim period, North had spoken out about what he viewed as wasteful spending on legal expenses at the NRA.    

The filing also alleges that North threatened suit against the NRA in May 2020, but details are redacted (para. 81).

Key Points