NRA v. Oliver North

April 24, 2019 Text Messages from Dan Boren to Chris Cox (Exhibit 2 to Complaint)

June 19, 2019

Filing Summary

This exhibit is a text messaging exchange between Dan Boren and Chris Cox. The text messages have very little context but appear to involve Boren and Cox discussing the events surrounding Oliver North’s alleged extortion attempt.

Key Points

  • Boren tells Cox that he “need[s] to visit … as soon as possible” to discuss something “very timely” that requires Cox to “step out” of his meeting in the “federal subcommittee.” (Pg. 2.)
  • Cox states, “What a tragic mess.” (Pg. 3.). Boren responds, “I have held things for a few more hours awaiting what happens.” (Pg. 3.)
  • Cox replies later in the afternoon, “Millie didn’t give any details. Just the ultimatum. Not trustworthy.” (Pg. 3.) Millie likely refers to Millie Hallow, a senior staff member to LaPierre.