NRA v. Oliver North

Affirmation of NRA Board Member Tom King re: North

September 5, 2019

Filing Summary

This filing is an affirmation by NRA board member Tom King. That board member states his view that LaPierre is credible and that Oliver North is breaching his fiduciary duties to the NRA. 

Key Points

  • Thomas H. King is a life member of the NRA and an NRA board member. (Para. 2.)
  • King states his view that North “intentionally breached his fiduciary duties to the NRA … and may compromise the NRA’s confidences, including by disclosing potentially privileged information belonging to the NRA or its Board.” (Para. 3.)
  • King states that he trusts LaPierre and believes LaPierre that North threatened to extort him. (Para. 5.)
  • King filed a complaint with the Ethics Committee of the NRA board to request that North be “expelled from the NRA” and removed from the NRA board. (Para. 8.)