New York Attorney General Investigation

Trial Exhibit: 2021 Wayne LaPierre Employee Agreement

February 2, 2024

Filing Summary

In late 2020, Wayne LaPierre entered into a new employment agreement with the NRA. It was approved by the NRA board on January 7, 2021. The agreement replaced a previous contract extension signed in 2018 and stipulated that the association would pay him as an employee a base salary of $1.3 million, as well as benefits and a potential “performance bonus.” The agreement detailed a post-employment option, to be implemented at the NRA’s discretion, to pay LaPierre up to $500,000 annually for a period of two years after his departure to use his “name, likeness, or signature for fundraising, public relations, and membership purposes.”  Additionally, the agreement stipulated that the group may engage LaPierre for “in person public appearances,” for which he would “be compensated at a rate of $750 per hour.” Language in this agreement, according to LaPierre, gave him authority to file for bankruptcy on behalf of the organization. This contract and its approval by the board was a source of controversy within the NRA and was a key component of the New York Attorney General’s litigation against the organization. Docket number 2851.