New York Attorney General Investigation

Trial Exhibit: 2018 Wayne LaPierre “Golden Parachute” Contract Extension

January 16, 2024

Filing Summary

A 2018 contract extension that has been referred to as Wayne LaPierre’s “golden parachute” replaced an agreement signed in 2013. The document indicates that LaPierre was expected to leave his position in 2023 and discusses his payment in the years before and after his departure. It reflects the NRA’s agreement to pay him $1.3 million in 2019, and then $1.5 million annually between 2020 and 2023, continuing after his planned departure through 2025. The NRA agreed that starting in 2026, it would pay LaPierre $1.5 million annually through 2028, and $1.3 million from then until 2030 for appearances and to use his likeness. The agreement was signed by Woody Phillips, Pete Brownell, Carolyn Meadows, and LaPierre himself. Lisa Supernaugh, Phillips’ assistant, served as the notary public. This contract was superseded by another in 2021. Docket number 2719.