New York Attorney General Investigation

Trial Exhibit: 2021 Craig Spray “Release” Document

February 9, 2024

Filing Summary

Craig Spray’s “release” document from the NRA states that he was “notified orally on January 28, 2021, that the NRA wished to make management changes,” and he was relieved of his duties as CFO. Spray and the NRA agreed that he would receive his “base salary of $510,000 per annum for 18 months.” He was also entitled to $5,965 in back pay and $69,230 in accrued vacation pay. The agreement also states that “to the extent Spray seeks coverage under NRA’s directors’ and officers’ or general liability insurance policies for any matters that arose during his employment, the NRA will not oppose such coverage.” There are also terms regarding confidentiality and non-disparagement. Docket number 2960.