NRA v. Ackerman, Virginia

Transcript of June 26th Court Hearing

June 26, 2019

Filing Summary

Filed on the docket in late-August, this is the court transcript from oral argument held in the case on June 26.

Key Points

  • The Court first considers the pro hac vice applications and the argument, put forward by Ackerman, that the Brewer firm is potentially conflicted and that Bill Brewer is a potential witness in the case. The Court ultimately grants the various pro hac applications.  (p.8 – 22)
  • The second issue argued by the parties has to do with Ackerman’s request for a preliminary injunction ordering the NRA to post a $3 million bond. (p.22 -38).  The court rejects the hearing saying “I just don’t know how it’s feasible for me to grant your motion for injunction in this matter without the benefit of an evidentiary hearing.” (p.36)
  • Ackerman’s counsel says “what we are witnessing here, you Honor, is the implosion of the NRA. Let me – let me correct this. It’s not an implosion. It’s an explosion because it’s not simply harming the NRA, it’s harming those people that are in proximity to the NRA.” (p.22)
  • When pressed for a trial date, counsel for Ackerman notes “I think we should try mediation first.” (p.42)