New York Attorney General Investigation

OAG Letter in Response to NRA’s “Expert” Affirmation

November 18, 2019

Filing Summary

This is a letter from the OAG in response to the NRA’s purported expert affirmation from Arthur Miller. The OAG argues that Miller’s affirmation should be disregarded as improper legal opinion.

Key Points

  • The OAG argues that the NRA’s submission of an expert affirmation from Arthur Miller is “an untimely, unauthorized, post-argument sur-reply” barred by court rules. (Pg. 1.)
  • The OAG argues that this affirmation constitutes expert legal opinion that usurps the role of the court to determine the law. (Pg. 2.) The OAG points out that Arthur Miller has had prior “legal opinions” stricken from a court proceeding as improper expert legal opinion. (Pg. 2.)