New York Attorney General Investigation

NYAG Files Motion to Take Deposition of NRA Board Member Willes Lee

September 20, 2023

Filing Summary

On September 20, 2023, the New York Attorney General filed a motion to compel the supplemental testimony of NRA Board Member Willes Lee. The Attorney General explains their reasons for requesting this additional testimony in its supporting memorandum of law.

Key Points

  • “In December 2022, Plaintiff filed a note of issue, certifying that discovery was substantially complete… since then, however, Col. Lee—a current NRA board member, a senior officer during periods relevant to this action, and a central witness offered by the NRA throughout these and other proceedings to defend the organization’s governance and operations—has harshly criticized the NRA’s management and as a result was effectively ousted from his officer position.” (p. 1-2, Memorandum of Law)
  • “Col. Lee’s recent public statements in many instances directly contradict his prior testimony in this action and are highly probative of Plaintiff’s contention that the continuing improper administration of the NRA’s charitable assets by the organization and its senior officers, Defendants LaPierre and Frazer, requires injunctive relief.” (p. 2, Memorandum of Law)