NRA Bankruptcy Proceedings

NRA Initial List of Creditors

January 20, 2021

Filing Summary

On January 20, 2021, the NRA filed an initial list of creditors with the bankruptcy court. Some of the notable names are listed below.

Creditors Listed of Note

  • Banking/Financial Institutions: Access National Bank, Atlantic Union Bank, Chain Bridge Bank, Commerce Bank, InBank, Morgan Stanley, PNC Bank, Wells Fargo
  • Current Vendors: Infocision Management Corp., Membership Marketing Partners
  • Former Vendors: Ackerman McQueen, Under Wild Skies, Mercury Group, 
  • State Attorneys General: including the New York Attorney General and the DC Attorney General, both who have pending cases against the NRA
  • An entity simply named “Wayne LaPierre Expense Reports Reserve”
  • “Diners Club International”
  • “Golf Press Association”
  • “Google”
  • “HWS Consulting, Inc” – an entity connected to Wayne Sheets.
  • “Internal Revenue Service”
  • “Kirkland & Ellis”
  • “Outdoor Channel”
  • “Speedway Motorsports Inc”
  • “The NRA Foundation”
  • “United Parcel Services” 
  • “University of Hawaii”
  • Verizon