NRA Bankruptcy Proceedings

Invoice: Wayne LaPierre’s Dallas Mansion

July 8, 2021


In 2018, NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre shopped for a Dallas mansion to move into. The property selected had an estimated worth of $6.5 million. Previous reports have indicated that it was envisioned that the NRA would pay for the mansion, through an arrangement with its public relations vendor Ackerman McQueen (and an LLC, named WBB Investments LLC, controlled by Ackerman executives).

While the purchase of the property ultimately did not go through, the NRA did write a $70,000 check to WBB Investments LLC to initiate the transaction.

Thanks to the NRA’s failed bankruptcy trial we now have the invoice that was generated during this questionable transaction (attached below). The invoice, marked NYAG Exhibit 131 from the NRA’s bankruptcy trial, is written to the NRA’s former CFO Woody Phillips.  Mr. Phillips pled the 5th Amendment during the NRA bankruptcy litigation.  The invoice seeks payment of $70,000 for “Investment in Security Assets” – a description that omits the fact that the transaction was intended to purchase a multi-million mansion for the NRA’s CEO.  In fact, the invoice leaves out any mention of the mansion or LaPierre.