NRA Bankruptcy Proceedings

NRA Bankruptcy Financial Disclosures: January 2021

February 22, 2021

Filing Summary

In connection with its Chapter 11 filling, the NRA must submit monthly operating reports with the Court. This is the first such report for the month ending January 2021.

Key Points

  • The NRA reported a monthly profit of $5.9 million, with $22 million in gross revenues in January 2021. (P.4)
  • Of the NRA’s $15.5 million in January operating expenses, $11.8 million went to the category “General & Administrative.” (P.4).  In addition, $3 million went to “Selling & Marketing.”
    • The NRA reported spending $198,538 on “2nd Amendment litigation and related activity”, $116,987 on “Political Action Committee expenses and transfers”, and $93,117 on “third party lobbying and policy consultants.” (P.5)
    • The NRA spent $1.4 million on “advertising.” (P.6)
    • Monthly “Net Payroll” was $844,549. (P.6)