New York Attorney General Investigation

Expert Affirmation of Arthur R. Miller in Support of NRA

November 14, 2019

Filing Summary

Arthur Miller, a law professor at New York University, makes legal arguments in support of the NRA’s opposition to the OAG. He argues that the NRA’s relationship with Ackerman, as alleged by the NRA, is so close as to create attorney-client privilege with respect to communications between the NRA and Ackerman. The existence of the filing is odd, as the Court did not ask for any type of expert testimony/declarations.   

Key Points

  • Miller argues that the OAG petition is premature, cannot be redressed under the statutory framework the OAG brought its petition, and that the NRA has “alleged expectations of confidentiality in its dealings with Ackerman” that are like “party-representative” relations that can preserve the NRA’s attorney-client privilege. (Para. 8.)