New York Attorney General Investigation

August 19, 2019 Cout Hearing Transcript in NRA vs. OAG

August 19, 2019

Filing Summary

This filing was made in the dispute over Ackerman’s production of documents in the fall of 2019, but contains the transcript of a hearing in a separate but related lawsuit. (See NRA v. OAG, New York County, 158019/2019.) At the hearing, counsel for the NRA and OAG presented legal arguments as to whether the NRA should be permitted to participate in the deposition of Oliver North. After hearing arguments, the court determines that the NRA will not be permitted to participate in the deposition of North.

Key Points

  • In the hearing about the Oliver North deposition, the OAG notes that North’s counsel “voluntarily told the [NRA] about the subpoena when he did not have to do so” and “agreed to redact information and protect the privilege.” (Pg. 16.)
  • The OAG notes that among the documents the NRA claims need additional redactions are documents that are publicly available that the NRA has made no effort to seal or redact. (Pg. 22.)
  • The court determines that it will not permit the NRA to sit in on the “investigatory deposition of … North.” (Pg. 28.) The court reasons that allowing the NRA to attend the deposition “could have a serious consequence of compromising the integrity of that investigation.” (Pg. 29.)