New York Attorney General Investigation

April 22, 2019 Letters to NRA from Ackerman re: LaPierre Expenses (Exhibit 8 to 8/18 AG MOL)

August 18, 2019

Filing Summary

This filing includes several letters written by Ackerman McQueen to the NRA asking questions about certain expenses, particularly those incurred by LaPierre and NRA fundraiser Tyler Schropp. The letters include attachments listing specific expenses.

Key Points

  • Ackerman asks about a $4,000 monthly fee to an individual named Gayle Stanford which LaPierre required Ackerman to pay, for “booking air travel etc for security and confidential purposes.” (Pg. 2.)
  • Ackerman notes that Wayne and his wife Susan “required [Ackerman] personnel on multiple occasions to meet private aircraft with only their family members aboard. [Ackerman] staffers were then required to assist these individuals with their transportation and hotels.” (Pg. 2.)
  • Ackerman asks about $267,460.53 paid to LaPierre to reimburse him for expenses on his American Express card, “air and limo charges” billed to the NRA, and an apartment for an intern in Virginia that was billed to the NRA. (Pg. 3).  A sample of billing entries includes: (1) $25,634.12 for “Air Transportation – Dallas/Palm Beach”; (2) $12,919.30 for “Car & Driver – Italy”.
  • Ackerman asks about $274,695.03 paid to LaPierre to reimburse him for “wardrobe … purchases at the Zegna store in Beverly Hills, CA.” (Pg. 8; see pgs. 9­–10.)
  • Ackerman asks for proof of NRA approval and receipts to justify LaPierre’s expenses on his American Express card, which Ackerman notes was issued to LaPierre “with the intent to keep [his] business travel and entertainment confidential and secure.” (Pg. 11.)
  • Ackerman includes a list of credit card charges to “AMEX – Tyler Schropp.” (Pgs. 12–28.) That list does not include dollar amounts, but does includes charge descriptions like: (1) Four Seasons Hotel F Houston, (Pg. 12); (2) The Phoenician Resor [sic] Scottsdale, (Pg. 12); (3) Half Moon Bay Golf L Half Moon, (Pg. 13); (4) Ritz Carlton Half Mo Half Moon, (Pg. 13); (5) Hilton Waldorf Astor Orlando, (Pg. 14); (6) Kindle-WallstreetJ, (Pg. 15); (7) Fairfax Cigar Town, (Pg. 16); (8) Bellagio – Prime Las Vegas, (Pg. 17); (9) Franklin Cigar 00-08 Franklin, (Pg. 19); (10) Amazon Digital SVCS 866-216-107, (Pg. 22); (11) Upstream Brewing Com Omaha NE, (Pg. 22); and (12) Charlie Palmer Steak Las Vegas, (Pg. 23).