NRA Bankruptcy Proceedings

Appointment of Creditors Committee in NRA Bankruptcy

February 4, 2021

Filing Summary

On February 4, 2021, the United States Trustee appointed a five member Official Unsecured Creditors’ Committee in the NRA Bankruptcy. It includes:

  1. Ackerman McQueen: The NRA’s former advertising vendor who is locked in several adversarial litigations with the NRA. Further, Ackerman was listed as the NRA’s largest creditor in the NRA’s initial bankruptcy filing
  1. David Dell’Aquilla: A large NRA donor who has spoken out against waste and fraud at the NRA, and also filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of donors against the NRA.
  1. InfoCision, Inc: A telemarketing company the NRA utilizes for fundraising and other services. The NRA’s most recent tax filing indicates that the NRA paid InfoCision over $21 million in 2019 (the second largest recipient, second only to attorney Bill Brewer and his firm). 
  1. Stone River Gear, LLC: This company, located in Bethel, CT, has an unsecured claim of $89,284 according to the NRA’s initial bankruptcy filing
  1. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.: This administrator of pension obligations was appointed chair of the creditor’s committee. 

The appointment of the committee can be found on the case docket, accessed through PACER, but is not currently available in PDF form.