New York Attorney General Investigation

Answer by NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre to NYAG’s Complaint

October 21, 2022

Filing Summary

NRA CEO Wayne LaPiere, a named defendant in the NYAG’s lawsuit against the NRA and several of its executives, filed a verified Answer to the NYAG’s detailed complaint against him on October 21, 2022. This was after several efforts by LaPierre to have the case dismissed were rejected by the Judge.

While the Answer largely includes blanket denials or claims LaPierre “lacks knowledge or information sufficient to form a belief” about particular allegations, there are some admissions by LaPierre of note:

  • There are several admissions about the use of private flights by LaPierre and his wife, paid for by the NRA. (Paragraphs 148-166). Several of the paragraphs indicate that “expenses that were determined to be an excess benefits were reimbursed by Mr. LaPierre” to the NRA.
  • Although the individual is not identified, the Answer states that LaPierre “authorized a private flight for an National Rifle Association of America spokesperson, her husband, and an employee of a vendor” in 2018. (para. 158)
  • Paragraph 162 indicates that “on a few occasions, in connection with her work as a volunteer for the National Rifle Association of America’s Women’s Leadership Foundation, Mr. LaPierre’s wife traveled without Mr. LaPierre on a chartered plane, incurring expenses for which Mr. LaPierre has reimbursed” the NRA for.
  • LaPierre admits trips to the Bahamas and staying on the yacht “Illusions”. (Para 175 – 178). These trips occurred between 2013 and 2018 in the summer.
  • Related to these trips, LaPierre admits “that until April 2021 he did not disclose his use of the boat in the Bahamas” on the NRA’s Financial Disclosures Questionnaire that requires certain reporting of potential conflicts of interest. (Para. 179)
  • Between 2009 and 2017, LaPierre admits he “expensed membership fees for a golf club located in the Washington DC area….” (para. 206).