New York Attorney General Investigation

Affidavit of Tyler Schropp in Support of NRA

October 23, 2019

Filing Summary

In this filing, NRA fundraiser Tyler Schropp argues that many NRA donors require anonymity as a condition of donating. He raises concern that disclosures to the OAG may compromise that anonymity and make it difficult for the NRA to raise money.

Key Points

  • Tyler Schropp is the Executive Director of the Office of Advancement for the NRA. His job is to “cultivate and solicit major gifts on behalf of the NRA and its affiliates.” (Para. 2.)
  • Before joining the NRA, Schropp was an employee of Ackerman. (Para. 2.)
  • Schropp notes that he is “personally aware that many donors express a strong desire to remain anonymous. Often, that desire is due to fears of harassment and retaliation—both in personal and business settings.” (Para. 3.) He adds that “Donors have stated … that they fear that their spouses or children may be harassed, or that business partners may be pressured to abandon them, by those who bear animosity toward the NRA and its political speech.” (Para. 3.)
  • When the NRA solicits donations, they “frequently … assure donors that the NRA closely guards their confidential information” because “[a]bsent this assurance … many … would not donate.” (Para. 4.)
  • Schropp claims that concerns about litigation against the NRA “are raised so frequently by donors that it would be difficult … to count the number of conversations [Schropp’s] office has had regarding these topics.” (Para. 8.)