The NRA in 2020: Mismanagement, Scandal, and Investigations

Executive compensation is skyrocketing at the same time the NRA cuts services to hunters and sportsmen. Failed business ventures like NRA TV and NRA Carry Guard demonstrate how far the NRA has strayed from its core purpose. Allegations of extortion, corruption, and a failed coup attempt: This is the National Rifle Association of 2020. While growing even more extreme, the organization is losing power, key board members, and longtime leaders. NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre acknowledged the issues have cost the NRA $100 million, and forced him to take the organization “down to the studs.”

The details of the NRA’s alleged corruption and scandal are coming to light in several court cases across the country and in the work of investigative journalists. This site compiles detailed legal filings from these cases and those news reports so you can read for yourself about the various scandals at the NRA.

Recent Filings

NRA v. Oliver North
June 12, 2020

NRA files a new lawsuit against Oliver North, attempting to remove him from the Board – but hides most facts from public view.

NRA v. Ackerman, Texas
June 3, 2020

Ackerman fires back in effort to bar NRA lawyer Bill Brewer from this case.

NRA v. Ackerman, Texas
May 4, 2020

NRA opposes Ackerman’s efforts to disqualify NRA attorney Bill Brewer over alleged wrongful conduct.