Broken & Bankrupt: the NRA in 2021

2021 has been a disaster for the NRA, and Wayne LaPierre in particular. From their travels through the court system to answer for its various misdeeds, to the lurid details of mismanagement and incompetence coming out of those court cases, to a diminished balance sheet, to the various forms of extremism it has embraced, to its waning influence in American politics, the past year at the NRA is one Wayne LaPierre and NRA leaders would like you to forget.

NRA Bankruptcy Dismissed After Trial


The NRA viewed bankruptcy as a proverbial get-out-of-jail-free card that would solve all its political, financial, and legal troubles. Instead, the bankruptcy process and the recent trial testimony have irreparably damaged the NRA.

Recent Filings

November 8, 2022

Filing Summary The National Rifle Association of America’s IRS Form 990 filing for calendar year 2021. Key Points The National Rifle Association of America is the NRA’s 501(c)(4) arm. It files an annual tax form with the IRS for each calendar year, usually late in the following year.

New York and DC Attorneys General Investigations
October 21, 2022

Filing Summary NRA CEO Wayne LaPiere, a named defendant in the NYAG’s lawsuit against the NRA and several of its executives, filed a verified Answer to the NYAG’s detailed complaint against him on October 21, 2022. This was after several efforts by LaPierre to have the case dismissed were rejected by the Judge. While the […]

New York and DC Attorneys General Investigations
March 2, 2022

Filing Summary The Court’s decision allowed 15 of the 18 causes of action alleged by the NYAG in her Complaint to proceed. The NRA, along with individual defendants Wayne LaPierre and John Frazer, had attempted to have large parts of the case dismissed. The judge’s decision opens with an acknowledgement that “the Attorney General’s allegations […]