The Trace

The NRA Reportedly Filed A New Suit, Under Seal, Against Former PR Firm Ackerman McQueen

The Trace learned that at some point in 2022, following the NRA’s $12 million settlement with Ackerman McQueen, the NRA filed another lawsuit against the company and one of their subsidiaries, but this time in secret.

The Trace reported that an index number for the Texas case was not publicly available, and that it is highly unusual for the court to not reveal the very existence of a case. According to The Trace:

  • The NRA filed the secret suit with the same judge who oversaw the previous NRA-Ackerman McQueen settlement. The Trace notes that federal policy requires a judge to justify a sealing like this with a written order explaining why it was necessary.
  • Former NRA board member Phil Journey responded to the news: “Goddamn, that is crazy.”