The Reload

“NRA Revenue Dropped $47 Million in 2021, Down $130 Million From Just 3 Years Prior”

“The NRA’s finances are in decline.”

“Total revenue fell by more than $47 million in 2021 to about $282 million. They were down nearly $100 million from 2017, another non-election year, and over $130 million from 2018.

‘It just seems like a continuation of the trend,’ Professor Brian Mittendorf, who teaches accounting at Ohio State University and has been following the NRA’s finances for years, told The Reload. ‘Perhaps a slowing, but a slowing had to happen. I mean, the declines have been pretty substantial.’

Mittendorf said the drop in membership dues is particularly concerning for the organization’s long-term prospects. He said the money raised by member dues, one of the organization’s biggest funding mechanisms, is ‘markedly different’ from previous years.

Member dues fell more than $22 million in 2021, landing just north of $97 million. Dues were down over $30 million from 2017 and nearly $73 million from 2018.”