The Guardian

“NRA Holds Annual Meeting In Texas Under Cloud Of Controversy”

“The National Rifle Association held its annual convention in Houston on Friday, three days after 19 children and two adults were shot dead at a school in Uvalde, as protesters gathered outside and high-profile speakers, including the governor of Texas, withdrew their attendance.”

“The event took place under a cloud of controversy and put in stark relief America’s deep divisions on gun control. As demonstrations swelled in Houston, attendees inside the convention – including Donald Trump – continued to deny that guns were the problem and put the emphasis on school safety and mental health.

Angry protests were held outside the convention venue. One protester asked a journalist: ‘How many more [shootings] need to happen? All I want is reasonable gun control.’

Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, backed out of attending in person but still addressed the NRA by pre-recorded video, while visiting Uvalde and holding a press conference there.”