NRA Board Resignations Pile Up, And More Could Be On The Way

New reports confirm that Owen “Buz” Mills has resigned from the NRA’s Board of Directors — the third board member to resign in little more than a week. Mills has been a vocal advocate for the need for change at the NRA, testifying during the organization’s failed bankruptcy earlier this year that the NRA’s management was “corrupted” and that LaPierre was a “trainwreck” as a manager of the NRA. 

In his purported resignation letter, Mills said he was resigning due to the NRA losing its insurance coverage that covers costs for directors and officers (D&O) in case they are sued as a result of their role with the organization. 

Mills is the third NRA board member to resign in recent weeks, after Ted Nugent resigned due to “schedule conflicts” and Susan Howard resigned, reportedly saying in an email she had a “sickness of heart at what I have discovered regarding the lack of leadership in our leaders — they have failed not only the board but the entire membership of millions of faithful contributors.” 

This three recent resignations from the NRA’s board of directors brings the number of the resignations in the past two and a half years alone to at least 12:

  1. Pete Brownell
  2. Esther Schneider
  3. Timothy Knight
  4. Sean Maloney
  5. Julie Golob
  6. Richard Childress
  7. Craig Morgan
  8. Dan Boren
  9. Duane Liptak