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Local Residents And Organizations Oppose The NRA Moving Their HQ To Richardson, Texas

North Texas residents showed up to voice their opposition to the NRA amid reports that the group was considering relocating to the Richardson, Texas.

CBS News reports that local community members in Richardson, Texas have publicly objected to the NRA’s potential move to the area. According to CBS News:

  • After news reports indicated that the NRA was considering a move to Richardson, Texas, local residents and organizations attended the city’s July 10, 2023 council meeting to express their opposition.
  • Local Resident Crystalyn Roberts explained that “we got word from an article that the NRA was looking to move their headquarters here and we love the Richardson community…It’s a cohesive, safe community and we feel that bringing in an organization like the NRA would be divisive to our community.”
  • In a statement, the NRA said that while Texas is the preferred choice for their new headquarters, “it is not accurate that the NRA is relocating to Richardson.”