Under Wild Skies v. NRA

Under Wild Skies Counterclaims and Answer

December 20, 2019

Filing Summary

This is UWS’s response to the NRA’s counterclaims (which are not currently accessible in the Clerk’s Office). 

Key Points

  • The Answer indicates that the NRA counterclaimed against UWS with two counts: Breach of the Advertising Contract, and Breach of the Sponsorship Contract. (Pg. 2-3.)
  • The Answer indicates that two of the alleged “missing” episodes, which the NRA had contracted with UWS, were “in fact produced, but were not released at the sole direction of Wayne LaPierre.” (Pg. 2.)
  • Remarkably, it goes on to say “the aforementioned episodes contain video footage of LaPierre firing multiple gun shots at an elephant in Botswana while attempting to kill it.”  In addition, “the video contains footage of LaPierre’s wife, Susan LaPierre, cutting off the elephant’s tail” and “holding the elephant tail in the air, and proclaiming “Victory… with Under Wil Skies!” (Pg.2.)
  • UWS acknowledges only eleven episodes were aired in 2019, but says that the “NRA failed to make contractual payments under the Agreements, thus breaching the Agreements prior to any alleged non-production.” (Pg. 2.)