NRA v. Ackerman, Texas

NRA’s Opposition to DJ Investments Motion to Quash

December 24, 2019

Filing Summary

This motion attempts to rebut the request from DJ Investments, an entity controlled by an Ackerman McQueen executive and used to facilitate the failed purchase of a home for NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, that it should not be required to produce documents in the litigation.

Key Points

  • The NRA claims that DJ Investments “is an instrumentality of three defendants in this action”, namely Ackerman McQueen, Jesse Greenberg, and William Winkler, in addition to being “owned” by Revan McQueen. (p.3)
  • Initially, the NRA denies the allegations put forward by Ackerman surrounding the contemplated purchase of a $6 million mansion for LaPierre. (p.5).  Having made this allegation in their counterclaims, the NRA argues that Ackerman has “opened the door” to discovery of DJ Investments about the contemplated purchase.
  • The NRA claims “the first issue of fact is whether Ackerman is telling the truth when it states that it was ‘asked to facilitate and help structure the financing of a personal home for LaPierre and his wife.’” (p.5)
  • Secondly, the NRA seeks to find out “whether Ackerman is telling the truth when it states that ‘LaPierre passed over numerous safe housing options in favor of a $6 million mansion with no greater safety benefits.’” (p.5)
  • As a third fact issue, the NRA seeks to test the veracity of Ackerman’s claim that it put a stop to the home purchase for LaPierre. (p.5-6)