NRA v. Ackerman, Virginia

NRA’s Opposition to Ackerman’s Request for an Injunction

June 24, 2019

Filing Summary

This brief presents legal arguments on behalf of the NRA as to why the Court should reject Ackerman’s request for the NRA to post a $3 million line of credit. Ackerman had argued that posting such a line of credit was contractually required due to the NRA’s alleged breaches of the contract between the parties.  

Key Points

  • The facts the NRA presents in this brief are largely repetitive of facts alleged in the Amended Complaint and other pleadings.  For instance, the brief repeats the NRA’s version of events concerning its request for records under the contract (p.3-4) and the purported amendment of New York non-for-profit law that allegedly spurred the NRA to more rigorous oversight of its vendors. (p.4)