NRA v. Ackerman, Virginia

NRA’s Opposition to Ackerman’s Motion for a Protective Order

August 26, 2019

Filing Summary

The NRA argues that Ackerman’s proposed restriction regarding what members of the Brewer firm can review is a “back door restriction” that “essentially” seeks to disqualify the firm from the case. (p.2)

Key Points

  • The NRA acknowledges that Bill Brewer is a “potential witness in this matter.” (p.7).  The brief states that Brewer has “properly limited his involvement in this case to comport with… ethical concerns” about him being a potential witness. (p.8)
  • The NRA disputes Ackerman’s contention that Brewer & Associates “Public Relations Unit” has replaced the work of Ackerman McQueen, instead saying the unit simply issues press releases and responds to media inquiries. (p.4)