NRA v. Ackerman, Virginia

NRA Emergency Motion for Stay

May 23, 2019

Filing Summary

This filing contains the NRA’s factual basis for seeking a stay (a pause in the litigation) so that the NRA may conduct discovery into Ackerman McQueen’s alleged theft of a confidential PowerPoint. 

The crux of the allegations are that attorneys from Brewer Attorneys & Counselors, the attorneys for the NRA, displayed a PowerPoint presentation at an NRA Board meeting that contained legal strategy, but that after the meeting the presentation ended up with an Ackerman McQueen employee.  A letter from an attorney for Ackerman McQueen, which is attached to the filing (p.24), presents a different view of the facts, saying the Brewer firm directed the file to be downloaded to a “laptop that belonged to an adversarial party, and then allowed the powerpoint to remain on the laptop when it was returned to that [Ackerman] employee.”  Regardless, Ackerman claims to have returned the disputed files to the NRA.  

Key Points

  • The Affidavit of the NRA’s Managing Director of Public Affairs, Andrew Arulanandam, and Brewer’s Managing Director of Public Affairs, Travis Carter, present the NRA’s factual basis for seeking a stay. (p.5-17)
  • The NRA Board Meeting at issue, where the Brewer presentation was displayed during Executive Session, occurred the Monday after the 2019 NRA Annual Convention in Indianapolis.  This was the weekend that NRA Board President Oliver North was ousted from his Board leadership position.