NRA v. Ackerman, Texas

Motion by Third Party DJ Investments to Quash Subpoena

December 3, 2019

Filing Summary

DJ Investments LLC, a company managed by William Winkler (an Ackerman McQueen executive), asks the court to quash the NRA’s subpoena to it in the litigation.  The company argues it is not relevant to the dispute.  Interestingly, the filing sheds some perspective on NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre’s contemplated purchase of a multi-million dollar home in Dallas.

Key Points

  • Factually, the motion indicates that the “NRA decided to establish” a company, WBB Investments, for “the purpose of purchasing a home for LaPierre and his wife in Dallas because LaPierre allegedly wanted his residence location to remain anonymous for safety reasons.” (p.3)
  • The NRA owned a 99% interest in WBB Investments, with DJ Investments (an entity managed by an Ackerman McQueen executive, William Winkler) owning the remaining 1%. (p.3) 
  • The motion claims that had the home purchase gone forward, “DJ Investments would have been tasked with managing the property for LaPierre and the NRA.” (p.3)
  • To initiate the purchase, an initial check was cut from the NRA to WBB Investments.  However, the motion claims the deal was scuttled when DJ Investments (i.e., Ackerman McQueen) “declined to participate in this transaction” when “it became apparent to DJ Investments that LaPierre’s alleged safety concerns were not the primary reason for the contemplated purchase.”
  • The Declaration of William Winkler is attached as an exhibit to the motion to quash the subpoena (see adjacent filing in this case docket).