Donor Class Action Lawsuit

Memorandum in Support of NRA’s Motion to Dismiss

November 12, 2019

Filing Summary

This filing presents the NRA’s legal arguments for why Dell’Aquila’s lawsuit should be dismissed. The filing largely contains legal arguments and does not provide new factual information.

Key Points

  • The NRA describes Dell’Aquila’s grievance with the NRA as “misguided” and “completely irrelevant.” (Pg. 5.)
  • The NRA argues that Dell’Aquila’s complaint must fail because he fails to plead his claims with enough particularity to satisfy the judicial pleading rules. (Pg. 7.)
  • The NRA also argues that its solicitations were not false because: (1) the NRA had discretion to allocate resources, (Pg. 11); and (2) the “vast majority” of the NRA’s spending may have satisfied even Dell’Aquila’s understanding of the NRA’s “core mission,” (Pg. 12).