NRA v. Ackerman, Texas

Letter from Counsel for Ackerman to NRA in August 2018 (Appendix to Ackerman Brief to Disqualify NRA Attorney Bill Brewer from the Case)

March 30, 2020

Filing Summary

This August 22, 2018 letter from Ackerman’s counsel at McDermott Will & Emery, which was part of an appendix that Ackerman McQueen submitted with its motion to disqualify attorney Bill Brewer, discusses the various demands for information the NRA made to Ackerman McQueen.  In the letter, the counsel, on behalf of Ackerman, says “the NRA fully knows that Ackerman maintains complete files of all expenses incurred with third parties on behalf of the NRA consistent with IRS guidelines and regulations.” (p.2).

Notably, the counsel for Ackerman goes onto write “in the near future, NRA-Ackerman documentation may be subject to new congressional, state attorney general or third party plaintiff lawyer litigation subpoenas.  Therefore, NRA may wish to proceed with caution in creating paper trails the New York State [Department of Revenue], or other state [Departments of Revenue] may pour over and publish for political purposes.” (p.2)   

Key Points