Everytown Complaints

Everytown Complaint to the Combined Federal Campaign

September 4, 2020

The Combined Federal Campaign (“CFC”), the workplace giving program for federal government employees. Given the recent lawsuits filed against the NRA by the Attorneys General of New York and DC, the Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund wrote the following to the Office of Personal Management (“OPM”), who oversees the program:  

We strongly believe that a review and investigation by OPM will confirm that the NRA Foundation does not live up to the CFC standards of integrity, accountability, and transparency, and accordingly should be expelled from participating in the CFC program. Pursuant to the legal requirement that you, as OPM Director, “shall review the applications for accuracy, completeness, and compliance with the regulations,” we respectfully renew our request that you immediately commence an investigation and determine whether – as we believe – the NRA Foundation should be expelled from participation in the CFC.

This complaint followed a previous complaint filed by Everytown in September 2019.