NRA v. Ackerman, Texas

Declaration of William Winkler (DJ Investments)

December 3, 2019

Filing Summary

This is the factual declaration of William Winkler concerning DJ Investments LLC that is Exhibit B to DJ Investments Motion to Quash.

Key Points

  • Winkler says that DJ Investments was established in 2015 “for the purpose of acquiring and managing real estate”, yet the entity only purchased a single property (which it claims was not related to the NRA).  (para. 3)
  • “In 2018, the NRA decided to purchase a home for Mr. LaPierre and his wife to alleviate alleged safety concerns.  Mr. LaPierre allegedly wanted the NRA’s ownership of and his residence in the home to be anonymous.  For that reason, the NRA decided to establish WBB Investments.” (para. 5)
  • “The NRA owned a 99% interest in WBB Investments and DJ Investments held the remaining 1% interest.  The NRA intended to have WBB Investments purchase and hold the real estate and assign management of the real estate to DJ Investments.” (para. 6)
  • “In May 2018 the NRA transferred funds to WBB Investments to allow WBB Investments to initiate the real estate transaction.  But it became apparent to DJ Investments that Mr. LaPierre was more interested in purchasing a lavish home for himself than he was in maintaining his anonymity, so DJ Investments declined to participate in the transaction.” (para. 7)