NRA v. Ackerman, Texas

Declaration of Revan McQueen (Appendix to Ackerman Motion to Disqualify NRA Attorney Bill Brewer from the Case)

March 30, 2020

Filing Summary

This March 30, 2020 declaration from Revan McQueen was part of an appendix that Ackerman McQueen submitted with its motion to disqualify attorney Bill Brewer.  The facts alleged in the declaration include:

Key Points

  • Wayne LaPierre repeatedly told Angus McQueen that “Brewer was going to keep him out of jail”, and at other times LaPierre told Ackerman representatives that he was “just a pawn on Brewer’s chess board.” (para. 16).
  • Former NRA Chief of Staff to Wayne LaPierre, Josh Powell, told Ackerman employees he wished he could “put Wayne into a coma” and take over the organization. (para. 22).
  • Josh Powell reportedly told people at Ackerman that Brewer was threatening to “have people at [Ackerman] indicted” by the FBI under RICO charges. (para 22).
  • The declaration also claims that from his hospice bed, Angus McQueen distraught after reading about Bill Brewer’s actions, told his son to “protect our family from Brewer who he believed would stop at nothing to attempt to destroy his family.” (para. 35).
  • Furthermore, the declaration alleges that “Brewer had detailed knowledge about Angus’s cancer treatment and used that information to time his litigation and media attacks.” (para. 39).   
  • The declaration also alleges that, despite Ackerman being represented by counsel, Brewer has attempted to reach out to Revan McQueen on multiple occasions to tell him “how to get out of this.” (para. 36)