NRA v. Ackerman, Virginia

Ackerman’s Plea in Bar

September 24, 2019

Filing Summary

Ackerman argues the NRA’s complaint is invalid because it was never authorized by the NRA Board of Directors.  Further, Ackerman makes the allegation that both NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre and its outside attorney, Bill Brewer, are conflicted in matters relating to Ackerman. 

Key Points

  • Ackerman makes the allegation that “LaPierre’s finances are intermeshed with [Ackerman].  Mr. LaPierre has demanded and received hundreds of thousands of dollars of personal benefits” through Ackerman.  The brief further states that LaPierre “has has access to an [Ackerman] credit card” and that he “arranged for [Ackerman] to pay his expenses which are then billed to the NRA.” (p.5)
  • Ackerman indicates that NRA attorney Bill Brewer “also has his own personal conflicts of interest”, including (a) that his firm “has been reported to be billing $100,000 a day to the NRA”, and (b) his relationship with “his estranged brother-in-law, Revan McQueen”, including the “well-publicized animus between Brewer and the McQueen Family.”  The brief argues “with such rampant conflicts of interest and personal motivations, Brewer cannot be the person authorizing the litigation for the NRA.” (p.6-7)
  • By “terminating NRA TV”, Ackerman claims the NRA has “ripped out its own tongue and left its members without the benefit of NRATV.”  The brief states the NRA Board of Directors did not authorize cancelling NRATV. (p.3-4)
  • Exhibit 1 to the brief contains the NRA’s response to an interrogatory where it stated “the Board has not adopted any formal resolution with respect to the NRA/AMC Services Agreement or litigation against AMC.”