NRA v. Ackerman, Virginia

Ackerman’s Opposition to NRA’s Demurrers and Pleas in Bar

November 8, 2019

Filing Summary

The pleading provides Ackerman’s response to the NRA’s efforts to dismiss the counterclaims for Abuse of Process and Breach of Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing. Factually, the motion provides details about the NRA’s conduct during the litigation and/or litigation tactics.

Key Points

  • Ackerman alleges the NRA’s second lawsuit was a “glorified press release” and that “the pretext of the second lawsuit against [Ackerman] was to allow the NRA to place its own people under oath in depositions and ask them about leaks to the press.” (p.12)
  • To that point, Ackerman notes that the NRA’s depositions of “high profile” board members and members did not lead to “any evidence that [Ackerman] was involved in any leaks to the press, as alleged by the NRA.”  Instead, “the depositions facilitated the NRA’s internal investigation of its own employees.” (p.13)
  • Further Ackerman alleges that “two business days before the deposition of Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s counsel sent an email stating that they would be issuing sixteen notices of deposition” on Ackerman current clients, former clients, and others. (p.14-15)