NRA v. Ackerman, Virginia

Ackerman’s Brief Seeking In Camera Review of FRA Documents Withheld

January 23, 2020

Filing Summary

The brief continues the parties dispute over discovery material from third party Forensic Risk Alliance, with Ackerman asking the Court to review the documents listed on the privilege log in camera and determine if they should be produced in the case. In addition, Ackerman asks the Court to review the documents and determine the issue of waiver: namely, whether the NRA waived applicable attorney work product protections with Forensic Risk Alliance by partially basing its claims around their work. 

Key Points

  • Ackerman states that after the Court’s previous ruling on the issue of the FRA production, “FRA only produced 206 of the original 1742 documents on its privilege log.” (p.3)
  • Exhibit 2 contains what appears to be the relevant privilege log, but the copy available on the court docket is unreadable.