NRA v. Ackerman, Texas

Ackerman Motion to Disqualify NRA Attorney Bill Brewer from the Case

March 30, 2020

Filing Summary

Ackerman seeks to disqualify Bill Brewer from the Texas case for three purported reasons.  First, Ackerman claims that Brewer himself is a “tortfeasor who engaged in wrongful conduct as a primary actor in the underlying dispute.” (p.3).  Second, the motion notes that Brewer has a familial relationship with the McQueen family, creating potential conflicts of interest.  Third, Ackerman notes that Brewer and his firm are, in addition to being a law firm, also a “business competitor” of Ackerman’s in the public relations space. (p.2). 

While this motion is fairly terse, it was filed contemporaneously with a Declaration of Revan McQueen, which contains a number of shocking allegations involving the NRA and Brewer.  In addition, on April 16, 2020, Ackerman filed a supporting brief that further fleshes out its basis for asking Brewer to be disqualified.