NRA v. Ackerman, Texas

Ackerman Brief to Disqualify NRA Attorney Bill Brewer from the Case

April 16, 2020

Filing Summary

In this brief, Ackerman seeks to disqualify NRA outside counsel Bill Brewer from the Texas case for three primary reasons.  First, Ackerman claims that Brewer himself is a “tortfeasor engaging in wrongful conduct as a primary actor in the underlying dispute.” (p.2).  Second, the brief notes that Brewer has a familial relationship with the McQueen family, creating potential conflicts of interest.  Third, Ackerman notes that Brewer and his firm are, in addition to being a law firm, also a “business competitor” of Ackerman in the public relations space. (p.2).  Portions of the brief are redacted.  Factual allegations in the brief include:   

Key Points

  • “Without consulting the Board of Directors or obtaining approval required by the NRA bylaws, LaPierre authorized Brewer to begin a lawsuit campaign. Soon, Brewer became chief legal provider, earning fees of roughly $100,000 per day ($1.5 to $3 million per month). Upon information and belief, the NRA paid the Brewer Firm over $54 million in just two years.” (para. 8)
  • “Brewer was often disrespectful to the McQueen family, voicing frequent professional criticisms about [Ackerman], slow-paying for the services his law firm received from [Ackerman], and vocalizing his disdain for [Ackerman’s] relationship with the NRA due to his own political sentiments against Second Amendment rights.” (para.3)
  • “After ramping up his “investigation” efforts, Brewer sent a message through LaPierre threatening to have [Angus] McQueen and [Revan] McQueen indicted by the Department of Justice for unidentified improprieties related to their work for the NRA.  Naturally, this deeply distressed [Angus] McQueen, who had devoted most of his career to serving the NRA.” (para. 22)
  • Angus “McQueen was so distraught that he requested that Brewer be excluded from his memorial service. On July 16, 2019, libeled as a criminal and with two pending lawsuits against his company at the hands of his son-in-law, A. McQueen passed away.” (para. 28)